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Next Generation Model VTA1000
Skype VoIP Gateway
With Dual Mode SIP Support


Use With Cordless Phones, Regular Phones & PBXs
Skype Does Not Use SIP So We Built It Into This Gateway
Eliminates The Need To Use A Softphone/Dialer
Works With Skype and 40+ SIP Providers

The VTA1000 Skype Gateway is NOT a simple last generation USB "phone-connector", "S80" or "chat-cord" audio device but rather a next generation integrated gateway and USB phone adapter with simutaneous dual mode Skype and SIP calling support.

There are currently no other next generation USB based products of its type available in the market and it works with both broadband and dialup Internet connections. Skype is not forecast to have "SkypeIn" available until June 2005 but you can have the capability NOW via its built in SIP compliant gateway capabilities. 

The product was specially developed by for Skype users giving them the ability to place and receive calls via the Skype network and simultaneously place and receive calls via any one of over 40+ SIP networks including the ability to receive incoming calls from people with regular landline phones.   It may be used with cordless phones, regular phones or even connected directly to the trunk line of a PBX to centrally provide Skype and SIP calling facilities to all extensions.

There are no softphones or dialers involved in placing calls.  Simply pick up your phone and place your call as you normally would from your regular home phone.  For incoming calls just answer the cordless or regular phone you have plugged into the VTA1000 Skype Gateway when it rings and hang up when you are finished.

The VTA1000 Skype Gateway may ALSO be combined with the VPC1000 Port Converter to remotely access local phone lines, create remote phone extensions with built in voice encryption and provide Skype & SIP calling to/from mobile phones.

The product is self powered and plugs into an available USB port of a Windows XP or Windows 2000 desktop or laptop computer.  No additional router or hub equipment is required and it ideal for business, home and travel applications including use with WiFi equipped laptops. 

Placing Calls:

  • Go offhook on your cordless or regular phone and you will hear dialtone.
  • To place a call to another Skype user just dial a 1-2 digit speed dial number you have associated with that Skype user's name and stored in the VTA1000's phone book. 
  • To place a "Skypeout" call to a user with a regular phone simply dial the telephone number you wish to call including the country code.
  • To place a SIP call, dial #0 followed by the number you wish to call.
  • When you are finished hang up.
  • When incoming Skype or SIP calls arrive your phone will ring. Go offhook to answer the call.
  • Key Features:

  • Skype and SIP Dual Mode Calling Support
  • Ability to Receive Call from Regular Phones Via SIP Providers (i.e.  
  • 50 Name/Number Speed Dial Directory
  • Last Number Redial
  • Progammable Hotline for Automatic Call Routing on Offhook
  • Programmable Call Volume
  • Dualmode SIP Configuration Setups Tested and Available At for 40+ SIP Providers:

    Addaline, Asterisk PBX, Babble, Bon, Callserve, DeltaThree, Dialpad, Digisip, Elegance-Com, Firefly, FreeIPCall, Free World Dialup (FWD),  Freshtel, FrontlineGlobal, FrontlineUSA, Globalphone, Globaltel, Go2Call, IConnecthere, IDialDirect, InPhonex, IPTel, Mutualphone, MyWebFone, Nikotel, NTXTechnology, Phoneserve, PurTel, Rnktel, SER (SIP Express Router), SIPGate (Germany), SIPGate (UK), SIPphone, SIPSnip, Stanaphone, Terracall, ViperNetworks, VoiceGlobe, VoicePulse, VoipFone, VoipPages, VoipPlus, VoipTalk, Vonage
  • Includes:

  • 1 x VTA1000 VoIP Gateway
  • 1 x CD with Advanced Hardware Drivers
  • 1 x Easy to Read Quick Start Guide
  • Dimensions:
    3.5"x 2" x 1" (approx. 8.5cm x 5cm x 2.5cm)

    3.5 ounces

    Self powered - no external power supply required

    Minimum Requirements:
    Computer with 1 Available USB Connection
    Windows XP / 2000 (with Service Pack 3)
    15 MB Hard Disk Space Available for Installation
    400 Mhz Processor
    128 MB RAM
    33.6 kbps+ Dialup Modem, Leased Line, DSL or Cable Internet Connection

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