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Next Generation Model VTA1000
H.323/SIP VoIP Gateway
Dialup and Broadband Cable/DSL/LAN


Perfect for Residential and Business Use
No Additional Router Equipment Required
Eliminates the Need to Use a Softphone/Dialer

The VTA1000 Gateway developed by PCPhoneline.com is the very latest true single port portable H.323/SIP VoIP gateway. For clarification, this is not a simple audio device but rather a complete H.323/SIP single port gateway and there are no softphones or dialers involved in placing calls. Just pick up your telephone handset to place and receive calls as you normally would from your regular home or office telephone.

This product is already being rolled out by a number of ITSP's to offer both incoming and outgoing local and long distance telephone service. It may also be used to call people who use NetMeeting, Windows Messenger, Xten Lite/Pro and SJPhone softphones. Please also see our VPT1000 Portable IP-Phone which has all the same basic functionality but also has an integrated phoneset.

The product works with Cisco, Asterisk and other popular gateways, gatekeepers and proxy servers. The VTA1000 supports both incoming and outgoing calling and is designed to deliver a regular phone call experience. Just pick up your telephone handset to place and receive calls as normal.

The VTA1000 works all types of Internet connections - dialup modems, leased lines, DSL, cable modems and LANs - and also works with AOL accounts. To ensure the highest call quality possible, the VTA1000 incorporates the very latest echo cancellation and dynamic jitter management technologies.

The VTA1000 is a self powered unit that plugs into an available USB port on a PC or laptop computer and uses next generation hardware drivers that may easily be programmed via a simple web style interface with the user's account information along with the required gateway, gatekeeper or proxy server details.  No additional router or hub equipment is required making the product completely portable.

For volume rollouts, the VTA1000 may be preconfigured with your own default configuration giving the customer a simple plug and play experience. The customer will simply enter their account details at the time of placing their very first call and then use it like any regular telephone.

To complete the vision, the VTA1000 may also be placed in manual mode and used as a simple audio device allowing the user the added ability to use popular communication programs such as Windows Messenger, NetMeeting, etc.. and talk using their telephone.

The VTA1000 may also be used in a special configuration to provide remote extensions of local phone lines and local PBX lines.  This application is frequently requested by telecommuters who want to extend their office phone to their home and expatriates who wish to extend their home phone line to another country where they are based.  For further information on this remote extension special configuration, please visit http://www.pcphoneline.com/faqs.htm .

Each VTA1000 VoIP Gateway ships packaged with:

  • 1 x VTA1000 VoIP Gateway Unit
  • 1 x CD with Advanced Hardware Drivers
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Easy to Read Quick Start Guide
  • Specifications
    Regular telephone call experience with comfort noise generation (CNG)
    One RJ-11 FXS voice port with full ring voltage generation
    H.323 / SIP Control Protocol Support
    All types of dialup and broadband Internet connects supported
    Automatic NAT firewall detection and traversal
    DHCP Compliant
    DTMF detection / generation and out-of-band signalling (H.323)
    Full-duplex voice compression
    High performance echo management
    Voice activity detection to save bandwidth by delivering voice not silence
    Advanced dynamic jitter management
    Gateway ANI authentication support
    Automatic gatekeeper and registrar server registration
    Automatic route to hotline on offhook
    Call volume control setting
    NetMeeting / Windows Messenger compatible

    3.5"x 2" x 1" (approx. 8.5cm x 5cm x 2.5cm)

    3.5 ounces

    Self powered - no external power supply required

    Minimum Requirements
    Regular or Cordless Analog Touchtone Telephone (with standard RJ-11 plug)
    PC or Laptop Computer with 1 Available USB Connection
    Windows XP / 2000 (with Service Pack 3) / Millenium / 98SE / 98 Operating System *
    10 MB Hard Disk Space Available for Installation
    300 Mhz Processor
    64 MB RAM
    19.2 kbps+ Dialup Modem, Leased Line, DSL or Cable Internet Connection

    * The SIP version currently only works with Windows XP and Windows 2000. The other Windows versions listed will be supported in the future.

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