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VPC1000 FXS to FXO Port Converter
Connect Your Gateway to a Local Telephone Line
Instead of a Regular Telephone


Works with All Gateways Including the Cisco ATA-186
Waits for Incoming Ring and Then Takes Both Lines Offhook
Allows Calls To and From A Local Telephone Line

Our FXS to FXO Port Converter works in all countries in the world and allows you to convert an FXS port on any VoIP Gateway or ATA to an FXO port so it can be connected to a local telephone line instead of a regular telephone.   The best part is that it works in both directions and will even work with our own VTA1000 VoIP Gateway or a Cisco ATA-186.

As an example, if you call the PSTN telephone line you have connected to the port converter you will automatically be connected and receive dialtone from the FXS port on your VoIP gateway.   Alternatively, if you call the FXS port on your VoIP gateway you will automatically be connected and receive dialtone from your PSTN telephone line.  The converter unit simply listens for a busy tone to disconnect the call.

Technically when the port converter sees an incoming ringing signal it automatically takes both lines offhook and conferences them together.  Both lines are disconnected when a busy tone is detected.  For reference, to a telecoms engineer this converter may also be known as a "DISA" (Direct Inward System Access) box.

You can use it to set up a local access line for prepaid phone card services or other call origination services like access to your office telephone network from home or any other touchtone telephone or you can use it for call termination services. 

Special Remote Phone Extension Configuration
You may also use the FXS to FXO Port Converter with 2 x VTA1000 VoIP Gateways (SIP protocol version) to create a remote telephone extension in any country in the world which is an ideal solution for expatriates, remote offices and telecommuters. The solution provides a means to completely remove all the long distance charges between any two locations.

To create a remote telephone extension, you will use the FXS to FXO Port Converter to connect the VTA1000 VoIP Gateway to your local phone line or analog PBX extension. For the remote end which can even be in a different country you will simply install the other VTA1000 VoIP Gateway and connect it to your regular phone. The send and receive volume on the local VTA1000 may be adjusted as required to compensate for any audio volume loss due to distance and other factors.

For each VTA1000 VoIP Gateway you will datafill the Free World Dialup (http://www.freeworlddialup.com) or InPhonex (http://www.inphonex.com) phone number or fixed public IP address of the other unit as a destination hotline. When you go offhook on the remote end you will receive dialtone from your local phone line. Likewise, when someone calls your local phone line the phone attached to your remote VTA1000 VoIP Gateway will ring.

Connections:  2 x RJ11 Jacks (one to VoIP Gateway FXS port and one to PSTN local telephone line)
Power:   9V DC voltage (adapter not included)
Dimensions : 4” x 2.75” x 1”
Weight: 8 ounces

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